Prohibited items

Forbidden Objects

List of forbidden items available here: Forbidden items

What to expect when you reach the Circuit

We encourage you to get to the circuit early. Queues are likely this year due to the extra security and Health Pass procedures.

There will be several checks at the Gate: visual inspection of coats, jackets and bags, scanning with a metal detector, and body searches. To speed up the procedures, we ask you to open your bag ready for inspection, and then open your jacket.

Also keep your ticket handy and present some form of ID.

Stay safe. Remain alert at all times.

The “Vigipirate” national security measures are still in force.

  • Please follow the safety guidelines and site rules.
  • Report any suspicious behaviour and unattended bags to security staff.
  • Do not leave your own belongings unattended.

First Aid

First aiders are on hand across the circuit. Don’t hesitate to contact them or make your way to the First-Aid stations. You can also go to the Emergency Centre.

Free hearing protection for the under-16s (in partnership with Alpine) is available at the First-Aid stations around the circuit.