24 Hours of Le Mans - The birth of the F1 McLaren GTR (video)

24 Hours of Le Mans - The birth of the F1 McLaren GTR (video)

In 1995 for its first participation, McLaren won the 24 Hours of Le Mans - though the F1 GTR, designed by famous engineer Gordon Murray, was not intended for motorsports. The Brit Ray Bellm was not a member of the winning trio and it was at the foot of the podium that he finished with his teammates, Mark Blundell and Maurizio Sandro Sala.

In 1992, McLaren boss Ron Dennis invited Ray Bellm to the Grand Prix of Monaco for the release of its road car. With the road car as a success, it was decided to commission a model to convert into a race car. Dennis refused with an idea in mind. Find out what in this video which includes an enthusiastic Ray Bellm interview!

To honour the Le Mans exploit, the British company announced a limited edition 650S to be released mid-2015 in only 50 units.


Text: Cécile Bonardel / ACO - Translation by Nikki Ehrhardt / ACO

Video: YouTube - McLaren Automotive