Oreca Swiss Hy Tech-Hybrid : racing into the future

Oreca Swiss Hy Tech-Hybrid : racing into the future


Photo : Laurent Cartalade - Laurent Cartalade

Oreca at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2011 also had the presence of the Swiss team Hope Racing and its hybrid prototype, the first of its kind to race at Le Mans.

Based on the prototype that was fourth in 24 Hours 2010 at the hands of Soheil Ayari, Didier Andre and Andy Meyrick (Team Oreca Matmut), the Hope Oreca Racing was powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder 2-litre, coupled with an KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) developed by Flybrid England.

This combination showed some potential in the early hours of the race, as it remained in the top twenty. Steve Zacchia, Jan Lammers and Casper Elgaard completed 115 laps before retirement. Benoit Morand's team will now further develop the car, and take part in the last four races of the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup 2011, the next round will take place in Imola (Italy) on 2nd and 3rd of July.

Jean-Philippe Doret

Photo: 24 HOURS OF LE MANS, 11 & 12 June 2011. The challenge of driving the first hybrid prototype in La Sarthe lured the winner the 24 Hours in 1988, Jan Lammers, out of retirement.

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