Return to Le Mans for the series 'V de V' FFSA

Return to Le Mans for the series 'V de V' FFSA

After starting the season at Jarama, the FFSA Series V de V goes to the Bugatti circuit this weekend. A return to this circuit for V de V since the 12 hours of Le Mans in 2000. Detailed review of a full programme.

After starting the season at Jarama, the FFSA Series V de V goes to the Bugatti circuit this weekend. A return to this circuit for V de V since the 12 hours of Le Mans in 2000. Detailed review of a full programme.

Endurance Challenge GT / Touring V de V "The 4 Hours of Le Mans V de V"

"Back to Business”

With the biggest grid in the first meeting of the season, GT / Touring shows its style. A particularly enticing battle in six different categories.

Victorious at Jarama, Narac and Pons in their Porsche 997 RSR # 76 showed the way for their team-mates #75 which finished second. So IMSA Performance domination in GTV1. Despite a well-equipped team, Xavier Pompidou and Gabriel Abergel in their Mosler #5 should have been entitled to more than just an encouraging seventh place while the Porsche 996 RSR and Miguel Bernard Moreau Langin in third , moved up to scratch by Eric Mouez and especially David Stay who finished third in the scratch. No question of a remake of the film of this race (aired on AB Moteurs), opening a new page with the image of Jean-Paul and Thierry Perrier Pagny chasing a new title since 2008 with their Ferrari #2, and Eric Van de Vyver and his son William, in the # 11 Mosler, who could not take the start in Spain.

A battle on every level because the GTV2 in particular, saw the arrival in its ranks, in addition to Mouez and Loger, a Viper GT3, driven by Decultot Fontaine, accustomed to GTV4, with the help of GCR, trying this new category. Swift and Smith, in their Porsche 997 Cup S #65 of Almeras will be present.

The GTV 3 is, as always, well-stocked with Porsche 997 Cup. It will be just a battle of teams: the Porsche of Lorient Racing and Team Sport 5 entered to two each, while RMS, which had a double success at Jarama enters three. The Alloin family, entered with Almeras, will try to clear a path, like the family Noury, Michel and his daughter Anne-Sophie in #132. Bob Arezina and Philippe Burel made a dramatic start to their season having won the category GTV4 at Jarama. They will still be worried by the Champions of the category (Bachelier and Vincenot, Porsche 993 RSR #64). René Altayrac and Amandine Foulard, come with their Porsche 996 Cup #31, while the Modern Racing team commits a 997, with Brechbuhl and Sturdza on board. Note the presence for the first time in the pack of a Seat Leon Supercopa, of the Evolution Racing team, which should run in conjunction with the 996 Cup.

The Ginetta G50 are in the spotlight this season in GTV5, and one of them won at Jarama. André Grammatico and Arnaud Noël will try to improve on third place with their BMW M3. Silhouettes will be in evidence especially with both V8 SF of Team Solution F.. Michel Krine, Olivier Dupard and Eric Debard will drive the 95, while Philippe Charriol, Thibault Julia et Mathias Melan-Moutet will be driving the 94.

Start procedure: Saturday, April 30 from 2:10 p.m. to 2:40 p.m.

Race: Saturday, April 30 from 2:40 p.m. to 6:40 p.m.


Championnat de France Endurance Challenge V and V

The 4 Hours of Le Mans V of V

"History of History"

Customarily VHC crews began their season at Jarama and even if the grid was thin, the enjoyment of the participants remains intact. At Le Mans, they are expected to be more numerous for the four hour race.

Firstly, the winners of the race in Spain: David Ferrer and Yvan Mahé (Lola T70 Spyder). Bernard Moreau et Miguel Langin are always a danger, as demonstrated by their title of 'Champion du Challenge Endurance VHC'. Also the OAK Racing Chevron B16 and Jacques Nicolet, who won the 10,000 laps of Navarra lon the 3rd April. The latter also finished ninth in the 24 hours of Le Mans last year.

The VHC Challenge is a pleasure to the eyes and ears. At Le Mans it will be an amazing scene with two Datsun Nissan 240Z of the Miroux team, the Chevrolet Corvette 1969 Francioni, Strebel and Fredy Barth also entered in Championship of France, just like the Ford GT40 of Bachelier et Vincenot and both Elva Mk8 of Meca Moteur, with the #3 title holder in Sports Prototype. Finally, the Morgan Plus 8 of Philippe Louet and José Da Rocha and will be there. But remember Gerard Besson and his Alpine M63B, which could be a surprise with his A220.

In GT the debate is open, the Porsche 934 of Fabio Spirgi and Manuel Nicolaïdis also with a modern GT, being engaged in RMS with a view to participation in the 24 Hours of Spa. TVR Griffith # 11 Team V of V is out of the garage to roar its Ford V8 again. Sébastien Morales joins Lionel Deslandes in his Porsche 911 2.0L.

Group 3 will be at the party with no fewer than six cars in action, including two Porsches of LD Racing, with Jean-Claude Barthe and Briton Markus Mahy in #10, and Bernard Salam in #14. Alain Rueda et Eric Belooussoff will also be present with their 3.0 Rs #33.

The Ford Falcon of the Allemang family is a candidate for the podium of the two hours, also the team Crubile Sport Porsche specialists 930 Turbo in the hands of Philippe Hottinger. The Charentais Damien Kohler comes with his Lotus Elan. Gerard Bouvet and Christian Perrier, the two pals, face off aboard their two Osella PA6. Jean-Marc Luco will race with his Ligier JS3.

Starting procedure: Sunday, May 1 8:30 to 9:00

Race: Sunday, May 1 from 09:00 to 13:00


V Proto Endurance Challenge V

The 4 Hours of Le Mans V de V

"Second Round"

Proto in 2011: a battle on all levels. The new Carbone regulation opens the Challenge in several categories: Elite, Opens, and the Challengers. Le Mans will see at least thirty Sports Prototypes in pursuit of success.

The Elites comprise all the new chassis. Bruno Bazaud has emerged in this category at Jarama, with the support of Ander Vilarino. And he scored valuable points, thanks to the tremendous work of his team TFT. It will again be present at Le Mans with his friend Philippe Thirion on their #69. The Wolf GB08 were expected to do well but could not do better than third in the category in Spain, with the great performance by Jose Ibanez and Richard Mori. Rosier and Poirier in another Norma M20FC went from the back of the grid, to finished second on the scratch podium.

The Palmyr team is sandwiched between the Elites. We can count on them this season because, in addition to the superb performance of the reigning Champions Zollinger and Mondolot who finished second in the Scratch at the first Open, and Menahem and Faggionato ranked just behind them with their Norma M20F. Third in the Opens were Rihon and Padmore with their new Norma M20FC in La Sarthe.

Still in the Open category, also in the Elite will be Stéphane Romecki and Stéphane Raffin who led for a good time in Spain in #11. The return of the Champions Challenge CN B in 2009, the Portuguese Manuel and Pedro De Mello Breyner, from Pegasus Racing. The 'Anglo-Saxons' and their two If Motorsport Ligier JS 49 will be present. While professional driver Michel Ferté comes with his new team JRT and a Ligier JS51, which will be driven by Domingues and Tardieu. The Spanish Angel Amilibia and Lluis Pons enter with their team ProRace, also Stephen Adler and David Abramczyck driving a JS51 of Team SKR. Not forgetting the presence of Rémy Brouard, Director General of the ACO who comes with Philippe Nozière in the Norma M20F #107 of TFT.

Elite oblige, IRS, enter (as at Jarama), three Wolf GB08 and a new Norma M20FC that made its arrival in the peloton, with Mathieu Lecuyer and Arnaud Santamato.. Rosier will be present with Extrême Limite, again with Jean-Claude Poirier, and the team Haezebrouck – Toulemonde. They will be well supported, at LD Autosport, by Philippe Yschard and professional team-mate Bruce Jouanny.

In Challengers, there will be five, and the presence of Bernard Santal and his five-time Le Mans 24 hours, including a tenth place in 1990, is notable. AB Motorsport enters two other BRS. Tomaszek and Neveu in their second round of the season. Gregory Driot will also be present at Chab Evolution.

Starting procedure: Sunday, May 1 2:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Race: Sunday, May 1 from 14:30 to 18:30


Challenge Funyo V de V

"Here comes the show! "


Always popular, the Challenge Funyo did not rest on its reputation. 2011 saw the arrival of fifteen new Funyo 5 which adorn a griid already well stocked with Funyo 4 RC. At Le Mans it will be thirty grids in the paddock.

The first round of the season has seen a domination of the MSI team in both categories. Marc-Antoine Dannielou succeeded three times in the scratch and Jean Quélet three times with his Funyo 4 RC.

In La Sarthe the race does not have a clear favourite. HMC Lohéac arrived in force, just as usual, with two champions, Fontbonne and Francis Heriau, but especially of sixteen Funyo nine are entered in the Challenge Funyo 5. Yves Orhant, founder of YO Concept and designer of vehicles, will dice with Serge Hériau et Nicolas Cannard while Patrick Jamault in a Funyo 4 RC will have to lose Gerald Poussin. Xavier Cousin, and Yves-Henri Maillerie in their Funyo 5, are outsiders to look out for. There are about thirty on the grid: George Caribotti, with his Funyo 5 and C2G Racing team will be there, and Pascal Chauveau driving a Funyo 4 RC in the colours of JMC course. Wintec has three Funyo 4, including Jacques Neveu, Amar Lahoussine and Benoit Eveillard defending the colours, and Funyo 5, thanks to Pascal Desmoulin who was in the top ten in Castile. Note the presence of Delta Course, with Stéphane Duguépéroux aboard a Funyo 4 RC.

Race 1: Saturday, April 30 from 8:30 to 8:50

Race 2: Saturday, April 30th from 12:55 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.

Race 3: Sunday, May 1 1:30 p.m. to 1:50 p.m.


Challenge Monoplace V V

"Not bad for a start"


It began modestly in 2010 but ended with a bang, Challenge Monoplace returns. A good opportunity for all who are waiting to take to the track for fun.

This year, the regulation has changed somewhat with the acceptance of the Formula Master in Class A, and Change in the Formula Renault in B. Champion of the Challenge was none other than Philippe Haezebrouck, also a driverin Endurance Proto. He defends his title and will be present throughout the season, just like Jacques Medard, and Philippe Lenfant. Didier Dallet will occupy the seat of a Formula Master. David Monclair, Funyo Challenge Champion 2009, will drive a Formula Renault 2.0 with Neel Comptition, Julien Neel the owner will be driving a Master. Formula Motorsport enters five cars, with Vincent Iogna and Michel Piroird (seen last year at CD Sport), Philippe Bourgois or Simon Gache.

Robin Palmer who participated in all the events of last season, is back with his Formula Renault 2.0. The Belgian team JRT John Svensson races three Formula X with Jean-Marc Bourdouch, Marc Hallaert andAlbert-Frederic Bloem.. Note the presence of Jerome Sornicle with his Formula 3.


Race 1: Friday, April 29 from 7:25 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.

Race 2: Saturday, April 30 from 9:15 to 9:35

Race 3: Saturday, April 30 from 1:40 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.


Price: 6 € ( for 3 days)