The world of endurance racing rocked by the withdrawal of Peugeot

The world of endurance racing rocked by the withdrawal of Peugeot


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The surprise announcement yesterday of the withdrawal of Peugeot Sport provoked strong reactions from the organizers, manufacturers, competitors and drivers.

Jean Todt, President of the FIA: "The loss of a competitor as strong as Peugeot is bad news, which shows how the current period is difficult for the automotive industry, and this particular group. I think, especially in these difficult times, it would be good to stay engaged, rather than withdraw. But we must respect their choice and hope they can soon return to the highest level of motorsport. "

Nick Shorrock, Director of the Division of Michelin Competition: "We learned this news with some regret. We have sympathy for all people of Peugeot Sport with whom we have shared many victories and that allowed us to make technological advances. We had an ongoing program with Peugeot Sport, as every year, to develop new tyres. We must now look ahead, it does not change our commitment to motorsport, in different programmes both cars and motorcycles, and it does not affect the use of our service personnel to competition."

Luca di Grassi, former Peugeot future driver: "The departure of Peugeot is very bad news. The car is really nice to drive and there are many great people in this team. It would have been a new challenge for me. The race of the Le Mans 24 Hours is the only major event never won by a Brazilian. This is my main motivation and I will continue the fight. "

Simon Pagenaud, Peugeot driver: "Peugeot will not return to Le Mans this year. Thank you to all the team for the work and effort to give us a competitive weapon each year in the Le Mans 24 Hours. 2011 will remain ingrained in my memory! "

Anthony Davidson, Peugeot driver: "It was a huge disappointment to hear that. I am devastated for the Peugeot team and all those who worked so hard over the last two years. "

Tom Kristensen, Audi driver: "Very surprised of the sad news that Peugeot Sport will not compete in the World Endurance Championship in 2012. Thank you for the competition, great racing and good battles over the last 5 years."

Andre Lotterer, Audi driver: "It's very sad for Peugeot to be missing. The World Championship was going to be epic with them! It's sad for them and for our sport. Thank you for offering us a real competition. We will miss you. "

Neel Jani, driver Rebellion Racing: "It's sad to see Peugeot leave Endurance, but perhaps we now have a chance to get on the podium this season! "

Julien Hergault - Sources AFP, FIA, Twitter

Photo : ZHUHAI (PROVINCE OF GUANGDONG, CHINA), 6 HOURS OF ZHUHAI, 13th NOV 2011. The final event for Peugeot Sport in competition was a victory.