Kamui Kobayashi checks out the 24 Hours Museum Toyota exhibition

Through anecdotes and memories, 2021 Le Mans winner Kamui Kobayashi takes a look back at Toyota's history at the race as he visits the marque's temporary exhibit at the 24 Hours Museum.

When 2021 24 Hours winner and fastest pole-sitter Kamui Kobayashi (#7 Toyota GR010 Hybrid) visited the Toyota exposition at the 24 Hours Museum, naturally he stopped in front of the Toyota TS050 Hybrid, the car that won the race in 2018, 2019 and 2020. He also remarked on the aerodynamics of the 1999 Toyota GT-One before commenting on the engineer booth set up in the exhibition that allows visitors to experience the atmosphere at the edge of the race track. Kamui Kobayashi: "It is crucial for drivers to communicate with the engineers. There is a lot of stress involved in a 24-hour race. Obviously, you have to go to the pit wall at the end of your stint, but I need to rest. So we do a quick debrief, or rather we send a simple message to the engineers and then discuss the rest of the race together."

Kobayashi won the FIA Endurance Hypercar Drivers trophy this year with teammates Mike Conway and José María López.

Sneak a peek at the 24 Hours Museum Toyota exposition with Kamui Kobayashi in this video. The temporary exhibit will be on display until 22 February.

For more info, go to the 24 Hours Museum website.