The H24 prototype hits the track for the first time (video)

The H24 prototype hits the track for the first time (video)

The Mission H24 project's new hydrogen-electric powered racing prototype recently completed its first laps at the Lurcy-Levis circuit with Norman Nato at the wheel.

MissionH24 has just kicked off a new phase in its development. H24 Racing hit the track with the new H24 prototype for the first time at the Lurcy-Levis circuit in central France. Development driver Norman Nato was able to get a sense of the improvements made to the aerodynamics, cooling system and propulsion. The team also tested out a lighter and more compact gearbox and an electronic braking system. Thanks to a weight increase of 150 kg, bringing the H24 closer to the mass of a GT3, performance has also gotten better.

Hugues Lardy, H24 Racing Technical Coordinator: "It's gratifying for the whole team. We've put a lot of work into getting the car out onto the track. We know it's the start of an adventure and there is still plenty to do. We have to find a better compromise. We'll look again at the battery, the fuel cell, the electric motors, the regen when it comes to recovering electrical energy from the electronic braking system. So now, the aim is really to get everything set up and cohesive for optimum overall performance."

Pierre-Loup Fleury, H24 Racing Team Manager: "It was the H24's first real outing. We're satisfied with the day's work. Obviously, a new car will have teething troubles. But the team is motivated and determined to see it through. The potential is huge on every part of the car: chassis, aero and powertrain. The LMPH2G was really an experimental car. We've moved up a step with the H24. We can see it in the brand new aero, new cooling system, new battery, new fuel cell, new gearbox. We really can see it's a racing car."

Norman Nato, H24 Racing Performance Racing Driver: "[It was] my first time this year in a hydrogen car, so it's a pleasure to be at Lurcy-Lévis and find my bearings again with this technology. It felt good from the off this morning. The development programme is running smoothly for the first time out. In terms of driving, there is no real change so far, but you have to adapt as it's a lot lighter. The feeling is really good when you're cornering. You can push her further than the previous car. Considerable progress has been made. It's what we were expecting...improved aerodynamics, greater power. It's really promising for the future."

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